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Protective Orders

Utah’s Cohabitant Abuse Act provides procedures for victims of domestic violence to seek an order prohibiting contact from their abusers.  We have experience representing clients seeking protection from roommates, spouses, ex-spouses, and other family members.  We can provide assistance in drafting an order that allows for parent-time and limited contact for communication regarding children.  We can also assist in having a protective order dismissed or modified after its original entry.

We can also assist clients who need to seek protective orders on behalf of children.  Our experience with domestic violence gives us the sensitivity and insight needed to handle these special situations.  We will handle your case with the care and concern necessary, while fighting for the protection of the most vulnerable victims, children.

Additionally, we can defend clients against false and potentially devastating claims of abuse in protective order proceedings.  Our knowledge of the intention of the Cohabitant Abuse Act and its requirements allows us to see through misleading claims of abuse, and assist clients in defending against those claims.


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